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Before someone can become a member there are two requirements or prerequisites that must be met. To become a member you have to first:

1. Express a desire to unite with this congregation. (We don’t force anyone to become a member).

2. Make a public acceptance of its covenant.

The covenant is, “We are united in striving to know the will of God as taught in the Holy Scriptures and in our purpose to walk in the ways of the Lord, made known or to be made known to us."
Once these two requirements have been met then there are three different ways a person can become a member of this church.


  •  By a letter of transfer. If a person is currently a member of a church other than First Congregational Church Flagler Colorado they can request that a letter of transfer from that church be mailed to the First Congregational Church Flagler Colorado. Upon receipt of that letter it shall be made available to the Church Diaconate for their approval or rejection. If approved, the transfer and new membership becomes effective on the date the letter was received. Letters of transfer removes a person from the roles of the previous church membership.

  •  On reaffirmation of faith. If a person has previously confessed their faith in another church they can become a member in this church by simply reaffirming that faith before the congregation. People have used this method when they desire to retain membership in their old church as well as in this church. They hold dual church memberships.

3. On confession of faith and baptism.

If a person has never been a member of a church before they will use this method to become a member of this church. Using this method a person desiring to become a member must make a confession of faith before the congregation and then be baptized. With the approval of the Minister and the Diaconate baptism may be omitted. Only members of this congregation may vote in its congregational meetings.


Termination of church membership:

If a member requests to be released from covenant obligations, the church, through the action of the Diaconate, shall endeavor to secure his or her continuance in fellowship. Failing in such effort, they may grant the request and terminate the membership. There is nothing in our Constitution and By-Laws that makes any statements or requirements about having to attend membership classes, take confirmation classes, take classes on congregationalism, or being baptized prior to becoming a member. Baptism is not a requirement for becoming a member. It is encouraged that a new member be baptized after becoming a member if they have never been baptized before, but it is their choice. It states in paragraph three that the sacrament of baptism may be omitted.


So in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member
belongs to all the others

- Romans 12:5

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