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  • Appoint a Superintendent and Secretary of the church school who may be from its own elected members.

  • Provide for the selection and training of youth sponsors, teacher, and any other officers or assistants needed in its program.

  • Responsible for all promotion and courses of study for all ages in the church school and may suggest study material and other education programs.

  • Responsible for youth organizations in the church.

  • Shall recommend to the Board of Trustees an annual budget to cover the entire program of christian education.


Board Membership Requirements:

  • All members of boards and committees must be members of the church.

  • All elected boards and committees shall consist of up to six members except the

  • Diaconate which may have up to twelve members.

  • The members of the boards shall be elected for a two year term in such a manner that the terms of one half of the members shall expire annually. (The reason for this is to assure that at least half of the people serving on boards and committees always have previous experience).

  • After serving two full terms (4 Years) on an elected board or committee, a member shall not be re-elected to that same board or committee until a period of one year has elapsed.

  • All boards and committees shall elect their own presiding officers and determine their own methods of procedure.

  • Each elected board or committee shall be represented on the Executive Council by the

  • chairperson or an official designate.

  • All boards and committees shall provide the Board of Trustees with their respective budget needs upon request.

  • Boards and Committees shall meet regularly and special meetings may be called by the chairperson if necessary.

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