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Article IX of the Constitution and By-Laws contains six paragraphs.

Paragraph 1. Worship
1. Services of worship shall be held at given hours on each Sunday except when temporarily
suspended by vote of the members.
2. The time for the services shall be determined by the Diaconate, subject to change by vote of the

Paragraph 2. Sacraments
1. The sacrament of the Lord’s Supper shall be celebrated at such times as the Diaconate may
2. The Baptism of adults and the baptism or consecration of children shall be administered at such
times as the minister or diaconate may appoint.
3. No ordinance is compulsory upon any member.


Paragraph 3. Other Services of Worship
1. Other services of worship, prayer, inspiration and study may be held as determined by the
members, the Executive Council, the Minister or the Diaconate.

Paragraph 4. Annual Meeting
1. The annual meeting shall be held within sixty (60) days of the end of the calendar year on a date
appointed by the Executive Council to:
     i. Hold election of officers.
     ii. Hear the yearly reports.
     iii. Set up plans for the new year.
     iv. Transact all other business brought before the meeting.

Paragraph 5. Special Meetings
1. Special congregational meetings for business may be held:
        i. On call of the moderator.
        ii. On call of the Executive Council.
        iii. Upon written petition to the Executive Council by seven adult members.
        iv. The nature of the business to be transacted shall be stated in the call.

Paragraph 6. Quorum
1. At all congregational business meetings a quorum shall consist of twenty five (25) voting members.


Article X- Amendments
1. This constitution may be amended at any meeting of the members providing:
            i. Due notice (two weeks) of the time of the meeting shall be given to all members.
            ii. The substance of the proposed amendment shall be given to all members.
            iii. A vote of affirmative by two-thirds of the members present shall be necessary to adopt any amendment to thisconstitution.

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