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When we think about the executive Council and how it operates we need to think of it as a spoked wheel with the Executive Council being the hub of the wheel and the boards, committees and officers serving as the spokes.


As a church we should consider the Executive Council to be the most important governing body within the church. Using the wheel analogy: when the hub is connected to all of the spokes and the entire wheel is strong and healthy the church seems to roll along smoothly. The council has several duties and responsibilities. But its primary responsibility is to the congregation by making sure that all the spokes of the wheel are functioning as they should. 


The membership, duties and responsibilities of the Executive Council are found in Section E of our Constitution and By-Laws. Section E contains 2 paragraphs (referenced on following page).


Members of the council are to include:

1. Moderator

2. Minister

3. Church Clerk

4. Treasurer

5. Church School Superintendent

6. The chairperson or official designee of each of the boards and committees.


The moderator shall be the chairperson of the council.

Three voting members shall constitute a quorum.

The council has the power to also grant representation from any committee that may request it in the future.

When the executive council is functioning properly in accordance with the Constitution and By-Laws all of the boards, officers and committee members should be informed about everything that is happening or needs to happen within the church.


For the church to operate properly everyone on all of the boards, offices and committees must be informed. The executive council is where that exchange of information should take place.


  • Responsible to the congregation

  • Responsible for the administration and interpretation of the church constitution

  • On such matters of interpretation, settlement will be made by a majority vote of the council with the moderator voting only in the case of a tie

  • Always be ready and willing to receive suggestions from any church member concerning plans and programs of the church

  • Responsible for a program of Christian enlistment and for church publicity

  • May appoint special committees to serve until the next annual meeting

  • Appoint members to fill vacancies in church officers and boards on the basis of nomination submitted by the appropriate board

  • Board members so appointed shall serve until the next annual meeting

  • Recommend to the congregation on the removal of officers of the church and members of boards and committees when such officers and board members are guilty of malfeasance or are apathetic in the performance of their responsibilities

  • Removal shall be by majority vote of the congregation

  • Delegates to represent this church officially at association meetings and assemblies shall be elected by the executive council

  • The members of the executive council shall constitute the nominating committee for congregational elections 

So in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member
belongs to all the others

- Romans 12:5

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