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  • Shall be made up of an equal number of men and women

  • Assist the minister in the service of worship and especially in the preparation and administering of the sacraments of baptism and holy communion, and in the reception of new members

  • Meet with all young people and adults who have prepared for confirmation and examine all application for membership

  • Shall act upon all letters of transfer, confession of faith, or reaffirmation of faith

  • Responsible for providing substitute preachers in case of vacancy or the absence of the minister

  • Responsible for appointing a head usher and a bulletin secretary

  • Assist with the visitation of the sick, calling upon new or potential members, introducing new members into the life of the church, and in any similar duties requested by the minister

  • Advise with the minister in matters pertaining to special programs and the welfare of the church, the members and the minister

  • Be ready to receive suggestions from the congregation

  • Shall appoint a music committee which will work with the minister in all matters pertaining to the music of the church especially that included in the service of worship

  • Shall recommend persons to the congregation to act as choir director and organist and shall secure substitutes when necessary

  • Shall make up its budget to cover all expenses of the program to be submitted to the Board of Trustees by the Diaconate

  • Shall be ready to assist groups within the church in providing appropriate music for their activities

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